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Ant Control

These persistent pests, while being very small, live in colonies composed of thousands of individuals that together can be an absolute nightmare for your home. The workers of the colony scavenge for food and then lead the colony to the source by leaving a trail of pheromones. If the job of removing these creatures is not completed properly, you may find that ant colonies are great survivors and not easily eradicated.

E & G Exterminators' technicians are professionally trained to exterminate your home's ant problem by hitting them directly at the source.

Carpenter Ant

Of particular concern is the type of ant known as the carpenter. These ants can tunnel through wood of your home, doing serious damage to the infrastructure, especially in large numbers. Also, chances are good that if you see one, there are probably more.

The good news is that ant problems are manageable if handled by trained experts.

Here at E & G Exterminators, we never delay in targeting the source of our clients' ant problems directly. With the latest technology available, our licensed exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the source of the ant problem and find the most effective solution to deal with it and prevent future infestation.

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Ant Control in South Amboy, NJ