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Tick and Flea Extermination

We all know that ticks and fleas live on warm bodies and suck the blood of their hosts, but did you know that they are leading spreaders of disease?

That's right! Germs can be transferred from a tick to its host as the insect feeds and fleas are known to cause tapeworms.
Homes that are near areas that are frequented by wild animals may be susceptible to invasion by ticks, and pets may track fleas into the home upon returning from outside. The experienced team at E & G Exterminators are trained to help you with these pests in the unfortunate event that they make into your home.

In order to deal with possible infestations, our licensed exterminators will first inspect your home and the area around your home to determine the magnitude of the infestation and then work with your family to devise a course-of-action to tackle the source of the pests, permanently remove them and prevent future infestation.

If you need an exterminator to permanently eradicate fleas and ticks from your home, give us a call and let us help!

Tick and Flea Extermination in South Amboy, NJ